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Fast Tip Friday: Using Dynamic Groups to Stay In Touch #SageACT

by on ‎03-09-2012 09:28 AM (3,930 Views)


Dynamic Groups are great because you can define criteria and have contacts automatically added/removed based on whether field data on their record matches the group criteria defined. Defining criteria to group contacts that you would like to proactively follow up with is a great way to prompt productivity and keep business moving forward. In this week’s tip, I’ll show you how to create a dynamic group that holds contacts that you have not recently contacted by phone or e-mail so you can re-connect with them!


Creating a Dynamic Group for Follow Up


1. Open the Groups Detail view.


2. Click the New… button on the Global Toolbar to create a new group.


3. Name the group “For Follow Up” or any name that makes sense to you.


4. On the Contacts tab, click Add/Remove Contacts…


5. Click Edit Criteria… (in the “Dynamic Members” section).


6. In the Group Criteria box:

  • Select Contact from the “Type” list
  • Select Last Reach from the “Field Name:” list
  • Select Older Than [days] from the Operator list
  • Type 14 (or other appropriate value) in the “Value” box.
  • Click Add to List


7. Repeat these steps and add the following criteria:




8. Click Preview and visually verify that the contacts included in the result are as expected.


9. Click OK to close the Group Criteria dialog and save your criteria.


10. Click OK again to return to your group.


Now it’s up to you to re-engage with these contacts. Schedule a call, send an e-mail and continue building relationships. As you complete calls, and send e-mails, prospects will be automatically removed from the group so you do not have to hassle with maintaining the group, and you can focus on follow up!