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Fast Tip Friday: Sorting Within Contact Reports #SageACT

by on ‎08-03-2012 10:10 AM (5,286 Views)

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Sorting Report Data:


Sage ACT! includes over 50 pre-defined reports that make creating reports easy. The trade-off to being able to create reports so easily is that data is sorted based on settings in the template. With a little extra effort, you can quickly update the sort order to display data to your specifications. Here’s how.


1. Open the report in the report designer. For example, to customize the Contact Directory report to sort by Company, click Reports > Edit Template.


2. In the Open window, select the Contact Directory.rep report, and then click Open.


3. The report opens in the Report Designer tool. Reports are composed of sections that divide the header from the body (report details), and the body from the footer, for example. Sorting of data within the body/report detail is controlled by properties of that section.



4. To modify the sorting, right click anywhere in the report template, and then click Define Sections.


5. In the Define Sections dialog, below “Page Header”, select the first Section (Section 3). The “Group Behavior” properties that control sorting are displayed.



6. From the “Fields” list, select Company.


7. Then from the “Sorting” list, select either Ascending or Descending for the sort order.


8. Click OK.


9. After making your changes, click File > Save As. In the “File name:” box, append a description to the template name such as “- Sort by Company”, and then click Save.


10. Close the Report Designer.



11. Run your new report from the Reports view, or from the menu (Reports > Other Contact Reports)!