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Fast Tip Friday: Scheduling Activities for Other ACT! Users #SageACT

by on ‎04-08-2011 08:30 AM (4,274 Views)

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In life, and in work, it’s always nice to have some help from others. In Sage ACT!, you can enlist the help of others to complete tasks by scheduling activities on their behalf. In organizations with sophisticated processes, it may be common for an office manager to perform certain tasks such as gathering and sending proposals, while a salesperson writes the proposal and attends meetings with customers. Setting up Sage ACT! to allow scheduling activities for other ACT! users requires two steps:


  1. Grant calendar access to other users (for users that are not already Managers or Administrators)
  2. Schedule activities using the Schedule for option

Granting Calendar Access to Other ACT! Users:


1. In Sage ACT!, click Schedule > Grant Calendar Access


2. To grant a user that currently has View access greater permissions, select the User, and then click Access


3. Select the View and Schedule option and click OK



Scheduling Activities for Other Users:

After you have been granted access to another user’s calendar, you will be able to schedule activities for him/her. Lookup up one or more contacts and then use the global toolbar or another method to start scheduling the activity on behalf of the other user:


1. Within the Schedule Activity window, set up the activity and then click Schedule For



2. Select a user from the list and click OK

3. When the other user logs in and views his/her calendar, opens the activity, and clicks the Schedule For button, details display and identify who created the activity on behalf of the currently logged in user!



Use the Schedule For option to better collaborate with team members, and boost your productivity!