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Fast Tip Friday: Running Smart Tasks Offline #SageACT

by on ‎12-07-2012 08:17 AM (7,757 Views)

If you have been following this blog for the past several weeks, you have planned a Smart Task template, created it, and added steps to automate a sample business process. This week, you’ll learn how to automatically execute those tasks, even if the Sage ACT! program is closed. This is referred to as running Smart Tasks “Offline”, and here’s how you set it up!


Configuring Tasks to Run Offline


1. Click Tools > Set Up Offline Smart Tasks...



2. Select the Enable offline Smart Tasks for all users option. With this option enabled, Smart Tasks that are configured to run automatically will run even if the Sage ACT! program is closed.


3. If your tasks include Microsoft Outlook E-mail steps, you must configure the “Outgoing Mail Server” section to ensure e-mail is successfully sent on your behalf via the server identified in this section. Using information obtained from your network administrator, Internet Service Provider (ISP), or E-mail host, configure the following settings:

  • SMTP server name: Specify the e-mail server responsible for sending e-mail messages.
  • Port (25 is default): If your SMTP server uses a custom port for SMTP connections, enter it here.
  • Use SSL: If your e-mail service provider requires secure connections, select this option.
  • My SMTP server requires authentication: If your e-mail service provider requires a username and password to connect to the outbound mail server, enter your Account name and Password.
  • Test  e-mail address: Enter an  address to which a test message may be sent.
  • Click Test Connection to verify connectivity and your ability to send e-mail through your e-mail service.

4. Click OK.


5. Verify your tasks are configured to Run Automatically, and appropriate steps do not require user interaction. This may be verified in the Smart Task Manager (Schedule > Manage Smart Tasks) for each Smart Task template, and its component steps:















Now that you have configured Offline settings, and verified task templates are set to run automatically, your Smart Task templates and steps will execute even if Sage ACT! or the database are closed!

Additional Considerations When Tasks Run Offline:


  • If a Smart Task has a step that requires user interaction to proceed, it cannot run in the offline mode. When you log in to Sage ACT!, you are notified of pending steps.
  • Offline Smart Tasks will not execute in Trial Mode. Sage ACT! must be registered to enable Offline Smart Tasks.
  • For tasks that inlcude "Update Field" steps, data validation is enforced, and Read-only fields may not be updated.
  • Sage E-marketing for ACT! steps will not run offline. These steps require user interaction to proceed.
  • Any PC or server on the network with access to the Sage ACT! database can run an offline Smart Task.