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Fast Tip Friday: Prioritizing Contacts #ACTCRM

by on ‎04-12-2013 08:31 AM (4,896 Views)

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Throughout the course of your day, you are likely to interact with prospects, customers, associates and others that already exist in your ACT! database, or need to be created. When creating or updating records, you can leverage the ID/Status field to categorize, and even prioritize your contacts so that you are spending your time with the right people. In this week’s tip, I’ll show you a few ideas that you might apply when using the ID/Status field to prioritize contacts.


Assigning an ID/Status to Contacts


To ensure you are spending time with the right people, and to ensure your communications are targeted to the right people, update the ID/Status field to reflect the appropriate prioritization/classification for each contact:


1. While in the Contact Detail record, click the dropdown list labeled ID/Status



2. Select an option such as “Prospect” from the list to assign a single category to the contact. Optionally:

  • Select additional options from the list to assign multiple categories to the contact
  • Select Edit List Values… to add your own option to the list such as “Platinum” to assign a classification that is relevant to your sales/business operations.



3. If a contact is no longer worth pursuing, add a category called “Inactive” or “Dead Lead” so energy isn’t wasted. While deleting the contact is an option, categorizing it this way preserves past notes, history, activities, and other related data.


Next time you are entering/updating data, take a moment to reflect on whether you have properly assigned a category/priority to the contact and revise it if necessary. Then rest assured that the next marketing campaign you create for new prospects, or “Platinum” customers is reaching the right audience!