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Fast Tip Friday: Prepare to Share Your Message on Social Networks #SageACT

by on ‎04-27-2012 08:34 AM (1,364 Views)

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Sage E-marketing for ACT! now includes the ability to post the subject line and a link to an e-mail blast to your social networks. Additionally, you can include links in the footer of your messages that enable recipients to post links to your e-marketing messages on their social network sites. These new features enable you to vastly expand your audience. After configuring social sharing features, you can automatically post your email to your Facebook®, Twitter® and LinkedIn® pages. Including links in the footer of every message enables your recipients to help spread your message to their social networks, as well!


Configuring Facebook®, Twitter® or LinkedIn® to Get Your Message Out


Before you can share your E-marketing messages on your favorite social media sites, you’ll need to configure each account that you would like to integrate with Sage E-marketing for ACT!. Here’s how:


1. In your web browser, open and enter your Account, UserID, and Password, and then click Submit.


2. On your account home page, click Social Sharing

3. For each service that you would like to enable for social sharing, click Connect.

4. You will be redirected to a login form for each service you select. You will need to login, and then grant Sage E-marketing for ACT! permissions to your social media accounts. The number of prompts varies for each service, but after you have granted permissions to Sage E-marketing for ACT!, you will be redirected back to the Connection Setup page, and the service you have configured will display a status of Connected. Also, the text on the button(s) will update to display Disconnect.



After you have authorized Sage E-marketing for ACT! to connect to one or more social media sites, you can return to Sage ACT! and create an e-marketing campaign. When you choose to send the campaign message, you will be prompted to share the subject and a link to the e-mail message on connected social media sites! This gives you an easy and convenient method for expanding the reach of your campaigns.