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Fast Tip Friday: Organizing Groups/Companies #SageACT

by on ‎03-02-2012 08:16 AM (3,263 Views)


Groups and Companies share many similar features, and which you prefer to use may depend on how you interact with your customers. Regardless of which you choose to use, you may quickly re-organize them by dragging and dropping them within the tree views. Here’s how…


Organizing Groups/Companies


If you have many Groups/Companies created in the Groups/Companies Detail Views, you may quickly re-organize them. Select a Group/Company in the tree, and then drag and drop the Group/Company onto the Group/Company which it is to be a sub-Group or sub-Division:


1. From the Navbar, click Groups or Companies.


2. From the view toolbar, click Detail View.


3. (Optional) To see the sub-groups/divisions in the tree, click the plus [+] sign to expand the list.


4. Select the group/company or sub-group/division in the Group/Companies tree, and then click and drag the group/company or sub-group/division to its new location in the tree.



6. Release the mouse button.



7. At the confirmation message, click Yes.


Using this tip, you may quickly re-organize groups/companies to more accurately reflect relationships between them, or properly order a mis-placed group/company in the tree view.