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Fast Tip Friday: New Feature Spotlight – Viewing Contact/Calendar Sync Logs #SageACT

by on ‎10-19-2012 08:40 AM (1,782 Views)

Sage ACT! 2013 supports synching Calendar and/or Contact data between Sage ACT! and your favorite applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Google Contacts, or Google Calendar. This ensures your information is up to date regardless of the application you happen to be using. However, there may be instances where data does not sync successfully and you need to know what is potentially causing the problem. In this week’s tip, I’ll show you how to access the Contact/Calendar sync logs to view details about the sync process.


Viewing Contact/Calendar Sync Logs


After the synchronization process has run, you may view a history of sync results in the sync log. The sync log includes information about:

  • Number of records added
  • Number of records removed
  • Number of records modified
  • Errors
  • Timestamp of event


To view the log details:


1. From the system tray, right click the Sage ACT! Integration Service icon, and then select Synchronize with Outlook > View History to access the Outlook sync logs.

Or, select Google Integration > View History to access the Google Integration logs.


2. Then click either Contacts/Activities. A summary of contact/calendar activity items synced is displayed.

  • Additionally, you may view errors associated with a specific sync attempt,by clicking the hyperlinked numeric value in the Errors column.
  • To view a different date range, use the date selector or arrows at the bottom of the window.



Gathering status and error information is helpful if you are encountering errors during the synchronization process. Share it with your ACT! administrator or Sage Technical Support to get to the root cause of synchronization errors.