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Fast Tip Friday: New Feature Spotlight - Configuring Internet Sync #SageACT

by on ‎09-28-2012 08:05 AM (2,140 Views)

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When you need local access to Sage ACT! data, but do not have a persistent high speed connection to the main database, then sharing a database is no longer an option. Synchronization enables you to restore a copy of the database on one or more machines so that remote/disconnected users are able to work with data and keep data current on both the central server and the remote clients. Application, Network, or Internet synchronization provide the underlying technology to do this, and in Sage ACT! 2013 Premium, setting up Internet Sync is a little simpler thanks to a new graphical tool. Check it out in this week’s Fast Tip!


Configuring the Internet Sync Service


After installing the Internet Sync Service, you can use the Internet Sync Service application to select the database(s) with which remote clients may sync. Previously, you had to enter this in an XML file.


1. To configure the Internet Sync Service Click Start > All Programs > Sage ACT! Internet Sync Service, and then click Sage ACT! Internet Sync Service.



2. In the Sage ACT! Internet Sync Service dialog box, click Add. Browse to, and select the location of the database to monitor, and then click Open. After selecting one or more databases, click Exit.


3. After making changes to the Internet Sync service, you should restart the Internet Information Services server. Click Start > Run and type iisreset. Click OK. A command window appears showing that the service was stopped and started.