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Fast Tip Friday: Merging Duplicates in Sage ACT! #SageACT

by on ‎02-01-2013 08:28 AM (6,839 Views)

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As you learned last week, duplicates are part of life when working in a database. Sage ACT! includes a Copy/Move Contact Data Wizard that enables you to copy or move data from one contact record to another, consolidating information. Here’s how.


Merging Duplicates


1. After running the Scan for Duplicates tool, review the list of contacts identified as duplicates, and verify that there are truly duplicates that you would like to combine.


2. Then click Tools > Copy/Move Contact Data. On the Welcome page, click Next.



3. On the “Select the Contact Records” screen, select the first record, and then holding the CTRL key on your keyboard, click to select the second (duplicate) contact.


4. On the next screen, specify which direction data is to be copied. You may need to scroll through the list of contact information to verify which contact should be the source contact. Then click Next.



5. On the “Copy Data from Source to Target Record” screen, select a field in the list, and then click Copy. You will need to repeat this process for every field whose data you want to copy. Then click Next.



6. On the “Move Additional Items from Source to Target” screen, clear/select additional information to move from the source contact. As mentioned, these items will be removed from the source after you complete the wizard. Click Next.



7. On the “Delete the Source Record” screen, you may choose whether or not to keep the original record. If you have moved all data, then the record may be removed. Click Next, and then click Finish to complete the transfer of data.


If you have additional duplicate contacts to merge, you may repeat this process to merge data and remove duplicate records.