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Fast Tip Friday: Managing History Creation for E-mail Sent Between Sage ACT! Users #SageACT

by on ‎01-20-2012 11:01 AM (3,842 Views)

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When sending e-mail, history may be automatically recorded to a contact record, and possibly even other Sage ACT! user’s history. When sending e-mail internally between users of the same database, you may want to disable recording of history for messages sent between Sage ACT! users. Administrators of a Sage ACT! database can disable history recording for e-mail sent between users in the same database. Here’s how!



Disable Automatic History Creation for Sage ACT! Users:


To disable history creation for e-mail sent between Sage ACT! users in the same database:


1. Open Tools > Preferences.


2. Select the Admin tab.



3. Clear the Allow history creation for e-mails sent from a user of this database to another user option.


When this option is turned off, Sage ACT! will not record e-mail history when one database user sends an e-mail to another database user. However, history of e-mail sent to other contacts in the database will be recorded based on your Microsoft Outlook integration preferences.