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Fast Tip Friday: Locating Contacts With Relationships #SageACT

by on ‎03-25-2011 09:49 AM (1,557 Views)

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Most of the Contacts you record in Sage ACT! obviously have some relationship with you, even if it is a new relationship like a lead or prospect. Contacts within your database may also have relationships with one another, such as a customer of yours and their CPA who referred you to that customer. Contact Relationships enable tracking this information about relationships between contacts who interact with each other, but who are not part of a group or company. If you want to quickly establish which of your Contacts have relationships, you may run a Keyword Search to find them.


Looking up Contacts With Relationships:


1.  From the Lookup menu, click Search On Keywords




2.  In the “Search For” field, enter the wildcard % (this will search for any data in the specified records/tabs).


3.  Under "Search these records", select Contacts from the Type list, and choose All contacts.


4.  Under "Look In", clear all check boxes except Relationships.


5.  Click Find Now.


6.  The results displayed include any contacts that have data entered on the Relationships tab. To lookup Contacts with relationships from this window:


     a. Double click a single record to open that Contact and view data on the Relationships tab.


     b. Or simply click the Create Lookup button to display a list of Contacts with data on their respective Relationships tabs.