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Fast Tip Friday: Integrating with Google Contacts #SageACT

by on ‎10-14-2011 10:24 AM (3,381 Views)

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As you learned last week, Sage ACT! 2012 includes Google integration capabilities so you can manage business and personal contacts from Sage ACT!. In this tip, you’ll learn how to integrate your Sage ACT! and Google Contacts, so you can be confident your changes to a contact in either application are current, regardless of where you look!


Configuring Google Contact Integration:


1. To configure Google Contact Integration, select the “Synchronize Contacts” tab.


2. Then, select the Enable Contact Synchronization with Google check box. This activates the other options on the tab.




3. To determine the Sage ACT! contacts that will synchronize with your Google My Contacts list, select the check box(es) for one or more Contact Sync Sets in the list. A Sync Set defines criteria that determines whether all or a subset of contacts are synched to your Google My Contacts. These listed items are the default contact Sync Sets. You must select at least one item from the list. You can select the All Contacts Sync Set to sync all contacts.



4. After you select a Sync Set, or multiple Sync Sets, the number of contacts that will synchronize between Sage ACT! and Google is displayed.



 If this number does not seem correct, remember that you can only synchronize contacts that you have access to.


5. If a contact's information has been updated in both Sage ACT! and Google, and a conflict occurs, select which change to keep:



  • Keep the Sage ACT! contact: this is the default option and ensures Sage ACT! changes overwrite changes made in your Google Contacts.
  • Keep the Google contact: Changes made in Google Contacts overwrite changes made in Sage ACT!.

  • If a contact exists in your Google default Contacts list or folder, but not in Sage ACT!, select the Add Google Contacts to Sage ACT! and synchronize changes check box.

With this option selected:

  • If there is NO match on any email address, a new contact is created.
  • If there is a match on ONE unique contact record, the contact records are linked as duplicates.
  • If there is MORE THAN ONE unique contact record, then a NEW contact record is created and linked. The non-unique matches are not linked. This may cause an increase in contact records in Sage ACT!.


Once contacts are linked, if changes occur, those changes sync between Sage ACT! and Google.


After setting up your Google Contact integration preferences, you can synchronize Contacts between Sage ACT! and Google, keeping data up to date, regardless of where changes are made!


on ‎12-01-2011 08:06 AM

I like the google integration EXCEPT it is NOT possible to set up gmail as the default email on ACT Premium 2012.  The ports required by gmail and ACT are MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE.  It is VERY OBVIOUS that Sage ACT wants all users to use MS Outlook and not gmail.  That is not good business.  

on ‎10-17-2013 05:59 AM

Here is what frustrates me about such post.  You don't state if this setup process is done in ACT or Google, and you assume we know what tab/title we know where your at.  Here are your intial instructions... 1. To configure Google Contact Integration, select the “Synchronize Contacts” tab.