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Fast Tip Friday: Improving Your Social Media Connections #SageACT

by on ‎01-11-2013 09:03 AM (1,773 Views)

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Sage ACT! 2013 Service Pack 1 was recently released and includes much anticipated compatibility updates so you can install Sage ACT! on the latest and greatest Microsoft Windows platforms, as well as an improved Social Media integration feature. Previously, you were limited to viewing up to 25 posts from Facebook and/or LinkedIn, while now you can view the entire social profile page of a contact without leaving Sage ACT!. There are some significant advantages of the new design of this feature, which I’ll share with you in this week’s tip!


Connecting To and Viewing Social Media Profiles


After you have signed up for Facebook and/or LinkedIn, you may access associated contact profile data directly from within Sage ACT!.


1. Start by locating a contact, and then select the Social Updates tab.


2. Click either the LinkedIn® or Facebook button.



3. If you are not logged in to your LinkedIn/Facebook account, you will be prompted to login.


4. After logging in, the current contact’s Contact name will be passed to the remote site and search results will display.



5. If you are already connected/friends, you may simply select the contact to view his/her profile. If not, you may request to Connect/Friend the contact by clicking the appropriate button.




6. To immediately recall this profile page whenever you view this contact record in Sage ACT!, click the Remember This Page button. This will make it easy for you and even others in a shared database to view this information later.


7. When a contact has been selected, you will have access to all of the features provided by the underlying social networking site! You can:

  • Message the contact
  • View status updates
  • Comment/Like posts
  • Copy profile data from the web page into the contact’s detail card in Sage ACT!
  • Request a connection/friend if you are not already connected

In a shared database, you may access contacts which you are not yet connected. In that case, only publicly accessible data is displayed. You could then request to Connect/Friend the contact to see the full profile, and expand your social network.


If you are interested in taking advantage of this feature and upgrading to Sage ACT! 2013 Service Pack 1, please refer to Knowledgebase Answer ID 32103: “How to Download and Sage ACT! 2013 Apply Service Pack 1”



by Pohl Consulting
on ‎04-18-2019 06:31 AM

this is a great explanation of what the tab is supposed to do, but in my case it does none of this.  I can search for my own LinkedIn profile and I can save it, but under any other record my search returns NOTHING.  The screen stays blank, fo minutes (I admit I give up after about 10 minutes and move on to a different project) with no prompt or response of any kind.  I am never asked to log in, and I am never given any list of LinkedIn profiles to select from.  It is just the LinkedIn frame, and nothing else.  It would be really helpful if either act! or the knowledgebase offered some FAQ on what to do when the Social Tab is not working.