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Fast Tip Friday: I am having a challenge reaching Swiftpage Support. What’s up?

by on ‎06-21-2013 09:08 AM (6,518 Views)

At Swiftpage, we strive to offer innovative products matched with an extraordinary support system to all of our customers and partners.  As we’ve progressed through this time of transition, many of you have vocalized your disappointment and frustration at the quality of support and service we’ve provided.
Please know, we hear you.
We want to offer our sincere apologies for any frustration you may have experienced while we work through these challenges.
Here are our main known issues along with what we are doing to make things better.  If you don’t see a particular issue you’ve experienced, please understand this is not a complete list and it’s quite likely we’ve either resolved the issue or are already working on it.  Just to be sure, feel free to post any issues that are missing from the list and we’ll investigate the status of it.
Note:  these items describe issues with our infrastructure, not personnel knowledge and behavior.  We work on personnel coaching/training issues daily.  We know we can always do better and therefore, we’ll never stop coaching and training.
Here’s the list:
1)      Phone Wait Times: Reports of extreme hold times.
2)      Phone Disconnects: Reports of disconnects or being hung up on.
3)      Unable to Leave Voicemail: Option is selected but the phone is disconnected rather than directing to
We are working on how our phone and routing systems are configured.  We make adjustments to the system daily and check results to see if it’s behaving as expected.  We are moving extremely cautiously with changes to prevent making things worse.
If you experience any of these challenges when calling support, please post your experience here and include the phone number you dialed so we can ensure proper queue routing and correct any remaining issues.
Beyond helping our internal teams to resolve these issues, we also commit to providing updates in the future on the status of these issues. We will follow up with your comments and feedback and report back when we have meaningful updates.
We know apologies and explanations only go so far. Thank you for hanging in there and giving us the opportunity to make things right. We’ve got some work left to do to make things function properly, but we are confident we’ll get there very soon.

on ‎06-26-2013 08:32 AM

I did not realize this reporting option was available so I apologize if what I am posting is now out of date. The call I placed was 6/11/13; after 16 minutes on hold, I tried to leave a message. I pressed 1 as directed and all I received was the same main menu over and over again. I tried other numbers (figured if I pressed a number for Sales, I might get through) but again, just main menu of items. After trying this repeatedly for 2-1/2 minutes, I was disconnected. I have called many times since, but given the long holds, I did not want to chance trying this option again so I just waited.

‎06-26-2013 09:26 AM - edited ‎06-26-2013 09:26 AM

Hi Anne,


So sorry to hear you experienced this. Thanks for posting here in the community so we can assist.  I just sent you a private message. Would you please respond to it and let me know the best number for support to reach you?


If you're not familiar with private messaging in the community, you can click on the envelope icon in the upper right hand corner of the community to access.



 Tawny Mergel

Community Manager