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Fast Tip Friday: Hiding Tabs in Sage ACT! #SageACT

by on ‎04-01-2011 08:48 AM (4,646 Views)

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Sage ACT! has a wealth of fields for tracking information about contacts, groups, companies, and opportunity data. There are so many fields in fact, that each of the detail views includes several tabs to organize this data. If some of these tabs are not necessary, you may customize your layout to hide one or more tabs from view. Here’s how:


Hide/Remove a Tab from a Layout:


To hide user defined or system tabs, you’ll need to open the layout to customize in the Layout Designer:


1. From within Sage ACT!, open the Detail View and layout to customize by selecting it from the Layout Selector drop down list:


2. Click Tools > Design Layouts  and select the Layout type to customize (Contact, Group, Company or Opportunity).



3. In the Layout Designer, click Edit > Tabs:



4. Select the tab to hide from the Show tabs in this order: list, and then click the left arrow < button to move the tab to the Hidden Tabs list.


5. Close the Edit Tabs dialog box.


6. Click File > Save As… name your layout file and click Save.



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