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Fast Tip Friday: Getting Help from Your Friends #ACTCRM

by on ‎03-29-2013 10:00 AM (3,620 Views)

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After you and others in your organization have granted permission to one another’s calendar, you can enlist each other’s help as you work on projects, sales opportunities, and other activities. Using the “Schedule For” option enables you to actually schedule an activity on another user’s calendar. Here’s how…


Scheduling Activities for Others


1. To schedule an activity, placing it on another person’s calendar, start by scheduling an activity.

  • From the Global toolbar, click the Call, Meeting, or To-do button.
  • From the Schedule menu, select the desired option.
  • From the Activities list, Task List, or Calendar, right click and choose Schedule >Call/Meeting/To-do/Other.


2. In the Schedule Activity window, specify the date, time and other settings for the activity. Then click Schedule For…



3. Select the ACT! user from the list that this activity should be scheduled for.


4. Click OK.


The activity will appear on that user’s calendar, associated with the appropriate contacts.



Using this option enables you and your team to work more effectively together because you may delegate tasks to the appropriate individuals!