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Fast Tip Friday: Deleting Old Histories for Multiple Contacts #SageACT

by on ‎07-13-2012 10:28 AM (5,567 Views)

After you have been working in Sage ACT! for a while, you’ll accumulate a lot of data about your contacts, including notes, histories, and activities. As part of routine maintenance, you may want to clean up old histories using criteria other than the date it was recorded. If you would like to clean up old histories of a specified type, for example, you can use a grouping trick to expedite this process.


Deleting Old History Entries


To remove history for multiple contacts:


1. First group contacts. In the groups view create a new group


2. On the Contacts tab, click Add/Remove Contacts . . .


3. Click Contacts . . . or Edit Criteria . . . to add multiple contacts to the group.


4. After contacts are added, select the History tab.



5. Use the filter drop down lists to specify the History information to view:

  • Show For: select whether to display only History items for the Group, Group Contacts or Both (All)

  • Dates: Select a date range if desired

  • Types: Select individual History Types to display, or select None, or All to toggle the entire list of selections, and then select/clear desired types.


6. Next, hold CTRL or SHIFT on your keyboard as you click entries to select them.


7. After multiple entries are selected, right click an item, and choose Delete Selected.