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Fast Tip Friday: Database Maintenance #SageACT

by on ‎06-24-2011 08:13 AM (4,924 Views)

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Preventative Maintenance

In order to keep your database safe and performing optimally, it is recommended that you do the following as part of a preventative maintenance plan:


Database Backup and Restore


  • Perform regular backups of your database within the ACT! backup utility. Sage Support recommends that you make daily backups of your database. This process can be automated using the ACT! Scheduler.
  • Perform a test restoration of your backup to ensure all of your data restores as expected.
  • Copy your database backups to a secure, off-site location.


Diagnostic Maintenance


  • In ACT!, on the Tools menu, select Database Maintenance, and click Check and Repair. This should be run before backups are taken and any time that a large amount of data has been added, updated or deleted from the database
  • Perform Database diagnostics and repair within the ActDiag utility. This utility generally performs more thorough checks of the database.


More Maintenance Tips

For more details about the above recommendations, including links to Knowledge Base articles that include step-by-step instructions, click the following link to check out the “ACT! Database Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Repair, and Conversion” knowledgebase article.