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Fast Tip Friday: Customizing the Quote Template #SageACT

by on ‎07-22-2011 08:31 AM (9,657 Views)

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If you are new to Sage ACT!, you may have generated a few quotes, and wondered how to customize the Quote template with your own logo, terms, or other information. Here’s how!

Customizing the Quote Template


1. Ensure you have selected Microsoft Word as your default word processor.


2. From the Write menu, click Edit Template.


3. In the Open dialog box, select Quote.adt. Click Open.



4. If the Add Mail Merge Fields dialog box does not open, from the ACT! menu, click Show Field List. Or, you may have to click the Add-Ins tab, select the ACT! menu commands, and click Show Field List.


5. To customize fields, text, or images in the template,  position the pointer in the template where you want to insert the new field, text, or image.


  • From the Select Field Type list, select a field type Contact or My Record. From the list, select the field. Click Add.
  • To add a label for the field, from the Select Field Type list, select Label. From the list, select the label name. Click Add.
  • (Optional) When you are finished adding fields and labels, click Close to close the field list.
  • To delete fields in the template: Select the field. Press DELETE.
  • To add text to the template: Position the cursor at the insertion point, and type. You can format the text.
  • To insert your own logo, select the default logo and cut it or delete it from the template.
  • From the Insert menu/tab, click Picture (from file).
  • Browse to your logo picture file, select it, and then click Open.
  • Position/format the image as desired.


7. Click Save.


8. In the Save ACT! template dialog box, change the File name to: Quote (without a number appended). Click Save.