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Fast Tip Friday: Creating and Printing Envelopes #SageACT

by on ‎02-10-2012 09:15 AM (5,713 Views)

Contrary to what the Internet may have you believe, printed correspondence sent through the mail is still relevant! Printed correspondence needs an envelope, and this week you’ll learn a couple tips that will enable you to send customized envelopes to groups of contacts in your database.

Customizing Envelopes:

Before mailing correspondence, you’ll need to create and print your envelope. Creating an envelope may include customizing the information included on, and/or the layout of the envelope. To open/edit pre-defined envelope templates:


1. Click File > Print…



2. From the “Printout type:” list, select Envelopes.


3. Select a pre-defined envelope template from the “Paper type” list in the middle pane.


4. Click Edit Template, and use the Report Designer to customize the envelope to suit your custom paper size, and/or layout requirements.



Eliminating Blank Space on Envelopes

When customizing or creating a new Envelope template, you may need to configure one or more fields to  collapse/truncate when contacts do not have data in that field. You can configure fields on Envelopes to collapse for contacts with no data in that field by enabling the “Collapse if blank” attribute for that field on the template.


1. Open an Envelope template in the Report Designer.


2. Right-click the field you wish to collapse for contacts with no data, and then click Properties.



3. In the Field Properties dialog box, select the Format tab.


4. Select the Collapse if blank option.


5. Click Apply, and then OK.


6. Save your template, and close the Report Designer.



Printing Envelopes:


After you have customized your envelope, you may print it. Prior to printing an envelope, you should locate one or more contacts. If you would like to print envelopes for a group of users, follow these steps:


1. From the Navigation bar, click Groups.


2. Right click on the desired Group and select Create Lookup; the Contact List will be displayed.


3. Click File > Print, and then select Envelopes.


4. From the “Paper Type” section, select the envelope type, and then click Print.



5. In the Define Filters window:

  • Select Printer from the “Send the report output to:” list.
  • Select Current Lookup under “Create report for”.

6. Click OK.


7. Optionally, specify any printer specific settings, and then click OK to print the envelope.