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Fast Tip Friday: Creating Drop-Down Lists #SageACT

by on ‎01-01-2012 07:46 PM (5,481 Views)

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Drop-down lists are a great way to manage data entry, and encourage users to properly input data while minimizing effort! In this week’s tip, you’ll learn how to create a drop-down list to minimize data entry errors and effort.


Creating a Drop-Down List:


1. Open Tools > Define Fields.


2. Under “List Tasks”, select Manage drop-down lists.



3. Click Create drop-down list.



4. Enter a name, data type, and optional description for the drop-down list.

Select whether you want users to be able to add items to the list:

  • Allow users to edit items in this list will display the option to edit the list at the bottom of the drop-down list. If you do not want users to change the list, clear this option.

  • Automatically add new items users enter to the list will enable users to enter new data (without selecting an item from the list), and that data will be automatically added to the list as a new item.


5. Click Next



6. Next, use the Add button, or optionally, Import a text file of list items.


7. Optionally, for each item, add a “Description”.


8. Click Finish, and then Home to return to the Define Fields home page.


9. Click Close to exit the Define Fields tool.


Your new list has been added! Next, you will need to associate the list with an existing field, and then the list will be available when entering data in that field:


1. In the Define Fields tool, select an appropriate field, and then select the Edit field option.



2. On the “Enter field name and type” page, select the Use drop-down list option, and then select the newly created list. Click Next.


3. Optionally, customize field and list behavior, or triggers and then click Finish.


4. Close the Define fields tool, and begin entering data, selecting items from your new drop-down list!




by Rob - Richmond
on ‎05-30-2014 06:49 AM

The import feature for the drop down list does not appear to function properly.  I can select the text file and import it, but no filed are filled in.  I am importing a list with about 100 enteries, but it has also failed with just 10 entries.


Act! Pro Version, Hot Fix 1