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Fast Tip Friday: Create Intelligent Links on the Web Info Tab #SageACT

by ‎01-21-2011 11:32 AM - edited ‎01-21-2011 11:42 AM (5,222 Views)

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As you learned in our last Fast Tip, the Web Info tab can be a great tool for gathering data about customers and prospects without leaving the Sage ACT! application. Although the links included are very useful for general information gathering, you may want to add industry specific links that meet your particular needs. Depending on how you are storing data in Sage ACT!, you may be able to leverage that data by passing it in a query string to a remote web site and view Contact or Company specific data in the Web Info tab!


To Add a Custom Link that Includes Sage ACT! Field Data:



1.  In a web browser, browse to the web site you would like to add to your Web Info tab.


2.  Execute a search on that web site using required parameters.



3.  Note the URL query string in the Address bar of the browser. If it includes the search criteria previously entered, there is a strong likelihood that you will be able to replace specific criteria with more generic Sage ACT! fields and make this link an intelligent link on your Web Info tab!



4.  Copy the URL/Web address query string to your clipboard (select it and press CTRL + C or right click the selected string and choose Copy…)


5.  Back in Sage ACT!, from a Contact Detail or Company Detail view, click the Web Info tab.


6.  On the Web Info Tab toolbar, click Edit Links.


7.  In the Edit User Links dialog box, click Add.


8.  In the Site Name box, type a descriptive name for the Web site.


9.  In the URL box, paste the web site address.


10. Click Advanced Edit.



11.  In the Source URL box, locate each specific element of the search criteria (e.g. the actual first name used in the search) and highlight it (to select it).


12.  Under Select Fields, choose the appropriate field type from the drop-down list, such as Contact Fields. Then, select a field such as First Name and click Add. The actual first name in the search string/URL should be replaced with the more generic Sage ACT! field {First Name}.


13.  Repeat the previous two steps until each literal criteria is replaced with the corresponding Sage ACT! field.


14.  When you are finished, click OK.


15.  Click OK.


16.  Browse to a new contact record and test out your new Web Info link!