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Fast Tip Friday: Copy Layouts, Queries or Reports Between Databases #SageACT

by on ‎06-03-2011 08:52 AM (3,900 Views)

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p>If you work with more than one database in Sage ACT!, maybe one for prospects/potentials and another for customers or you simply want to share a cool layout with another Sage ACT! user, you may want to copy your customized layouts, reports, templates, and queries from one Sage ACT! database to another. Here’s how!


Copying Supplemental Files from One Database to Another

Customized layouts, reports, templates and queries are also referred to as supplemental files. These files are stored in your user profile folder, and specifically in a folder named “DBName-database files”. To copy your custom files from one database to another, you will need to locate the supplemental file folders for each database, and then copy the desired files from the directories of the first database to the directories of the second database.



To copy customized supplemental files from the original, follow these steps.


1. Launch Windows Explorer or My Computer.


2. Navigate to your user profile folder (usually My Documents or Documents), then ACT\ACT Data\Databases.



3. Locate and open the folder named “DBName-database files”. The subfolders named Layouts, Queries, Reports, and Templates containing your custom items will be within this directory. The Reports directory also contains Envelopes and Labels.


4. You may select individual folders or individual items from each subfolder, and then click Organize > Copy (or press CTRL + C on your keyboard). If you do not have local/network access to the other databases' supplemental files folder, you will need to copy these files to removable media such as a USB thumb drive.


5. Next, browse to the corresponding folder for the destination database and paste these files (Organize > Paste or CTRL + V).


Your custom items will now be available in both databases!