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Fast Tip Friday: Controlling Which Contacts Sync From Outlook to Sage ACT! #SageACT

by on ‎12-16-2011 08:18 AM (5,912 Views)

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This week, I’m continuing the theme of tuning Outlook Sync. As you are probably aware, the Outlook Sync Preferences tool in Sage ACT! enables you to create sync sets that specify which contacts will sync to Microsoft Outlook. However, there isn’t a tool to configure a sync set that controls which contacts sync from Outlook to Sage ACT!. There is a work-around, however. That’s what you’ll learn in this week’s tip!


Controlling Which Contacts Sync From Outlook to Sage ACT!



When you configure Sage ACT! to sync contacts with Microsoft Outlook, all contacts in Sage ACT! that are in a specified sync set will sync to Outlook, and if you select the option to Add Outlook contacts to Sage ACT! and synchronize changes, then all contacts in the Microsoft Outlook Contacts folder will sync to Sage ACT!.


If you would like to select a subset of Outlook Contacts to sync to Sage ACT!, start by creating a subfolder of your Contacts folder in Microsoft Outlook.



1. Right click the Contacts folder, and then click New Folder



2. Name the folder “Personal Contacts”, “Outlook Only”, or some other name that makes sense to you.


3. In the main Contacts folder, select one or more contacts (that you do not want to sync).


4. Click and drag them to your new folder (or alternatively, Right click the selected contacts, select Move to folder…, and then select your new folder as the target)


Now, if you configure Sage ACT! to Add Outlook contacts to Sage ACT! and synchronize changes, only those Outlook Contacts remaining in the main Contacts folder will synchronize to Sage ACT!


As mentioned in the above Note, ideally you should set this up prior to configuring Outlook Contact Sync in Sage ACT!. Otherwise, all of your Outlook contacts will have been added to Sage ACT!, and creating new folders in Outlook will not accomplish the desired goal. In this case, you may have to open Sage ACT!, and clean up Outlook Contacts that have already synced to Sage ACT!, reset your preferences and start fresh.For information on removing Sage ACT! contacts from Outlook, see last week's tip.