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Fast Tip Friday: Capturing Results and Following Up #ACTCRM

by on ‎05-03-2013 09:21 AM (3,965 Views)

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After you complete activities, it is important to clear them in ACT! and record the results so that you can pull reports, or simply review past history with a contact to quickly get up to speed on your past interactions. It’s pretty common that completion of a task leads to another, and ACT! makes it easy to schedule follow up activities as you are recording history. Read on to find out how simple it is to record history and schedule a follow-up with just a few mouse clicks!



Scheduling a Follow-Up Activity when Recording History


After you complete an activity, from the Task List, Activities tab, or Calendar view:


1. Select the check box next to the activity to open the Clear Activity window.



2. Update the Date, Time, Regarding, Results and Details as required. In this example, the quote has been prepared, so  the Results may be recorded as “To-do Done”.


3. If there was an additional activity to be scheduled such as calling the prospect to review the details of the quote and place the order, click Follow-up…



4. Enter the details of the activity, and then click OK.


5. Click OK to finish recording history on the prior activity.


6. Check out the contact record and you’ll notice a new entry on the History tab that details completion of the activity, and the Activities tab will have a new follow-up activity scheduled!


Using this trick, you can efficiently manage past and even future tasks so you are always in front of your customer’s needs!