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Fast Tip Friday: Automatically Applying Security When Records Are Created #SageACT

by on ‎01-27-2012 09:43 AM (2,243 Views)

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Sharing a database with multiple users centralizes management of the database, layouts, templates and other administrative functions such as back up. However, when multiple users are working with the same data, you may need to apply security to Contact, Group, or Company records to ensure only authorized users are able to manage certain records. Setting Record Creation Options enables you to apply security immediately at the time a new record is added to the database, simplifying maintenance of record access control.


Automatically Apply Access Control to Newly Created Records:


Sage ACT! Premium data security includes a feature referred to as record access. Record access refers to who can see the record. By default, when a record is added to the database, its record access is set to public. This means all users can see the record. If you would like to change this default setting, and have Limited Access applied to new records, you may customize preferences to further secure records.




To configure Record Creation Access Control:


1. Open Tools > Preferences.


2. Select the Startup tab.



3. Click Record Creation Options.



4. Click the drop down list for either Make new contacts/companies/groups/opportunities, and then select Limited Access.


5. Click Select Users/Teams.


6. From the Users or Teams tab, select a user or team, and then click the arrow (>) to add it to the Selected users/teams list.


7. Click OK to confirm your change and exit each of the preferences dialog boxes.


8. From one of the detail views, create a new record.


9. Click the Contact/Company/Group/Opportunity Access tab, and then click Select Users/Teams button to verify access control is applied as expected!