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Fast Tip Friday: Allowing Others to Access Your Calendar #ACTCRM

by ‎03-22-2013 08:57 AM - edited ‎03-22-2013 11:01 AM (6,010 Views)

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When you work in an environment where you need to view other user’s activities, and/or enable others to schedule activities for you, you need to have a shared calendar that supports this level of interaction. Calendars in ACT! may be set up so that others can view your activities alongside their own, and also schedule activities to be placed on your calendar. Here’s how…


Allowing Others to Access Your Calendar

By granting other ACT! users access to your calendar, you enable them to schedule activities for you. All users may view another user’s activities in-line with their own on a single calendar if granted permission to the activity. To allow another user access to your calendar for scheduling purposes:


1. Open the Calendar view, and then click Schedule > Grant Calendar Access.



2. In the “Calendar Access” window, select a name from the list, and then click Access… to change the access permission. Standard users and above may be granted permission to view and schedule, while Browse role users will only be able to view other user’s calendars.



3. In the “Edit Access” window, select View and Schedule to grant that user the permission to view your activities on his/her calendar, and also use the Schedule For option when creating an activity to schedule/assign an activity for you.


4. Click OK.


Each user will need to perform this task after logging in to ACT! and then your team can begin scheduling tasks for one another, and view combined activities on your own calendars! 

on ‎01-06-2016 08:51 AM

In the grant calendar access box there are no names listed in the box.  What do I need to do to list my coworkers names so we can share access to our calendars?




Brad Currie