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Fast Tip Friday: Allowing E-mail Recipients to Share an E-mail Blast #SageACT

by on ‎05-11-2012 08:19 AM (1,100 Views)

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Some news is worth sharing with your co-workers, friends, and other connections. If you want to enable recipients of your E-marketing message to re-share that message with others via popular social media networks, then you’ll want to configure your Sage E-marketing account to facilitate easy re-posting of your messages. Here’s how.


Allowing E-mail Recipients to Share an E-mail Blast


When you send an E-marketing message or blast, it is typically sent directly to an addressed recipient. In addition to posting the subject message and link to the template on your social media accounts pages, you may enable recipients to share the e-mail blast with their social networks, thus compounding the reach of your message!



To allow your email recipients to share your email on his/her Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn page:


1. From within your Sage E-marketing for ACT! account home page, click Social Sharing.

Then click Footer Sharing (at the top of the page).


2. Select Add Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn links to the footer of my emails, and then click Submit.


3. When E-marketing messages are sent, links are added to the footer of every message that enable recipients to quickly share the content of the message. Recipients simply click one or more of the social network links at the footer of the message.




4. After clicking one or more links, your customers/prospects may share the Subject and link to the template by logging in and sharing the information with their network!