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Facts About Facebook #Interactions That You Need To Know by @alduet #ActCloud

by on ‎07-22-2014 03:22 PM (29,024 Views)

As the largest social network on the planet, Facebook serves as the place where a lot of business/customer relationships are formed. There are certain types of interactions between customers and the companies on Facebook that are more beneficial than others. Taking a look at some of the statistics behind this information can be helpful. 


Sometimes Less Is More 

Though we all get long winded from time to time, shorter posts on Facebook have actually been shown to produce more interaction from customers. The breakdown for what defines various lengths of post goes like this:


  • Micro Posts: 0-70 Characters
  • Short Posts: 71-140 Characters 
  • Medium Posts: 141-230 Characters 
  • Long Posts: 231+ Characters 

The shortest posts of all (the micro posts) are actually the ones that generate the most likes and comments. Thus, keeping thoughts short and sweet seems to be the way to go. 


Pick Your Spots 

Posting at all times is not a useful strategy. People are simply not on Facebook at all times the same amount. What has been found is that certain days of the week are more conductive to Facebook marketing than others. explains it like this, 


Compared to other days in the week, Buddymedia’s study found that engagement rates for Facebook are 18% higher on Thursdays and Fridays. As they put it, “the less people want to be at work, the more they are on Facebook!”

This is an interesting point. Perhaps Thursday and Friday should be a little heavier on the posting. 


Ask The Audience 

As it turns out, people like to be asked questions on Facebook. A post that has a question in it will receive about double the amount of interaction that any other post does on average. Taking the time to put in a question on a post could yield a great return for you. 


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