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Facebook Posting Made Easy With Scheduling - Guest Blog by Audrey Howes #Swiftpage

by on ‎10-02-2012 10:37 AM (6,585 Views)

by Audrey Howes, Swiftpage


So you have a Facebook page for your business, but you always forget to post to it? Social media is about being social so a page with no posts isn't going to do much good.


Enter the genius that is Facebook post scheduling! Recently Facebook made a change to allow businesses with pages to schedule their posts. Why is this beneficial you ask? Well, think about it, you end up with a canceled appointment or some downtime you didn't expect to have one afternoon. You could use that downtime to schedule posts on Facebook for a day, a couple of days, a week or all year. [A year might be excessive, but you get the point.]


So how does it work?




 1.   Enter your status into the status box. Great statuses include a bit of personality, perhaps a link to relevant or useful content, and a call to action or invitation to respond.


 2.  Click on the small clock icon on the bottom left. This will open up the Facebook scheduler.


 3.  Select year, month, day, hour, and minute for your post. We will be the first to admit this part of the process is a little clunky, but it gets the job done.



 4.  Verify everything is correct and click on the schedule button. Your post is now scheduled to go out and will automatically appear on your page and in the newsfeed of your followers at your scheduled day and time.


You may have noticed an extra button in my first screen shot above. While the Facebook Schedule tool is useful, but some of us want something a little more robust and less 'clunky.' I recently stumbled upon a social sharing app called Buffer that I have begun to use for my posting on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Here are a few of the things I like about it:


  • The basic level of service is free!
  • I can preset schedules for tweets, Facebook posts, and posts for LinkedIn all from the same dashboard.
  • With the preset schedules I can alter how many posts and what time they go out on certain days.
  • The interface is really clean-looking and easy to use.
  • They offer a Firefox extension that allows me to 'Buffer' from any website.
  • The iPhone app allows me to post from anywhere and check my analytics.

I could go on and on about my new social media dashboard crush, but I want to keep this post short and sweet. The bottom line is social media is important for businesses and there are tools to make it easier for us little guys to manage. If you need help getting started with social media check out this post.


Comment and share your ideas for small businesses to make social media posting easier!