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Exploring the passion of our ACT! User Community

by on ‎02-05-2009 10:01 AM (5,164 Views)

I am happy to join this leadership blog and look forward to exchanging ideas with you.  In my Customer Loyalty role, I have the unique opportunity to interact with many of you and have been moved by the passion that our customers share though the community.  


As I begin to blog this morning, I reflect on the loyalty goals that were accomplished this year.  Our focus was to reduce your support wait times, improve process(es), and be your customer advocate, driving product changes for your business.  Now, you have a voice of your own. 


This community continues to be instrumental in our customer loyalty initiatives by providing an opportunity to share ideas and experiences with your peers, as well as a vehicle to communicate directly with your ACT! Leadership team.  We will continue to maximize community and customer survey feedback to drive improvements that add value to your overall customer experience. Your voice is heard and appreciated!   


In the spirit of sharing feedback, I would like to solicit your input.  How has the community provided value to you over the past year and how may we continue to do so?   

I look forward to your continued participation in the community and welcome your comments!

on ‎02-05-2009 10:19 AM

I actually did an article about this site on my blog:


One of the things I think could be done better would be more involvement with the Regional OpCos ... ACT!, Sage and the Internet are all global, but the corporate structure seems to make it difficult to provide consistent support levels in the various regions.



Loyal ACT! Evangelist

Mike Lazarus

on ‎03-10-2009 08:53 AM

Perhaps this is the wrong blog. I own a mid sized commercial real estate firm and have used Act throughout our organization for many years. We have recently switched over to Macs due to various software and hardware issues. Unfortunately Act doesn't produce a product for the Mac native environment. If you search the mac crm blogs  throughout the web, a large number of users are searching for a "good as Act" alternative. Night Hawk is the closest but it has been delayed incessantly. In the interest of customer loyalty and retention, perhaps Sage could take another look at a mac native solution. i believe there is a large demand for such a product. The virtual windows alternatives run well but are still not as good as a native application.


on ‎04-02-2009 03:49 AM



ACT! did have a MAC version (2.5 and 2.8). Unfortunately, at the time, MACs were mainly used in creative roles (graphic arts and music) and there wasn't enough demand to keep developing for the platform so Symantec dropped it.


I guess it's an issue now that they've built the product on MS SQL and .Net which will make it more difficult to create a cross-platform version.... but, if there is enough demand to cover the R&D, it would be a question of time to come up with some type of solution.


It is a sign that MACs have moved into the general business area that Sage has added MAC Safari support to the ACT! 2009 Premium for Web product. So, you can see that this user base is getting some recognition withing the product group... and that should give you a glimmer of hope for the future :-)



Mike Lazarus

ACT! Evangelist