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Engaging in Social Media via Email Marketing - Guest Blog by Audrey Howes @ahowes #Swiftpage

by on ‎04-26-2012 09:38 AM (3,746 Views)

by Audrey Howes, Swiftpage


Email marketing and social media are often thought to be separate marketing mediums. While they both have unique traits and usages, they are actually quite complementary. Now that Sage E-marketing for ACT! offers Social Sharing on email blasts, it may be time to evaluate how you can use email marketing and social media together.


A Quick Note: Before you can start using social media and email marketing together, you need to establish a presence on social networks – specifically Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Read more about how to do that here.

With an established social presence and an email marketing program in place, you are ready to go. Here are 5 ways to engage in social media using email marketing:


1.     Make a Social Call to Action

Instead of a traditional call to action that links back to your website or landing page, why not socialize it? Run a contest on Facebook and announce it via email, tell email readers about an upcoming Twitter conversation, or just announce to your users where your business has a social presence and invite them to join you. You should also include links to your social sites in every email blast as a constant reminder of your social presence.


2.     Share Your Content

You write great content for your email newsletter and send it out to your list. Now you can take it a step further with Social Sharing At send, you can automatically post a web version of your email to your social sites. Sharing your email across your networks gives followers who have not subscribed to your email program a chance to see what you are sending.


3.     Let Other’s Share

Every once in a while an email arrives in my inbox that I just have to share. I get excited about a deal or am inspired by an article and I want to tell the world. With Social Sharing, I can. If you enable the footer sharing feature in your account, share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn will appear in the footer of your email. Like me, when a recipient gets excited about your email they can now click on the share button of their choice and tell their ‘world’ about your email.  Suddenly your email is no longer just an email, it has become a social talking point and could generate new leads for you.


4.     Take Time to Listen

Perhaps the biggest gift social media has given us e-marketers is a forum to hear. Take some time to look at your Facebook comments, tweets about your company, and see what kind of people are following your page on LinkedIn. Take notes on what they are talking about, complaining about, and what they want from you. You’ve just generated a list of content possibilities for your emails. Check in on social media regularly to gain insight and retrieve ideas for email content. By listening and responding with relevant content in your emails you will build trust in your brand and increase readership of your emails.


5.     Build Your List

Email addresses are hard to come by legitimately. Building a quality email list takes time. Social media opens a new avenue for email list building. Consider adding an app to your Facebook page to sign up for your email communications. When you post your monthly newsletter to social sites, include a link to your sign up form on Facebook or your website to encourage social readers to subscribe to your emails. You might also want to run a contest, announce it via email and share it via social. To enter the contest, require a Like on your Facebook page and a subscription to your email program. Now you’re boosting your list and your social following.


Email marketing paired with social media is the next wave in digital marketing. Sage E-marketing for ACT! has made the pairing easy. Implement some of the tips above into your marketing plan to stay relevant to your audience and reach a new audience.


Tell us about it! We’d love to hear how you use email marketing and social media together.