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End-to-End ("E-") Marketing

by on ‎01-19-2010 02:51 PM - last edited on ‎01-19-2010 02:54 PM by (3,501 Views)

Every day more and more customers learn to use ACT! E-marketing with ACT! 2010  As Product Manager, I hear so many great examples about how it's being used - I've noticed that every customer has some unique way of doing something that they could't do before, and the result is always the same: better communication with customers.  The best thing about E-marketing (like E-commerce) is how easily you can do more with less.  That's the power of the internet: scale.  Think about online personal banking: how many banks have better relationships with customers because of online personal banking?  Answer: all of them -- some even better than others!  And online personal banking hasn't eliminated ATMs, or branches, or call centers, or any of the other traditional channels that banks offer services through.  But it has become a very central one.  Same thing with E-marketing!


End to end E-marketing means interfacing with customers exactly as they want to be interfaced with.  Give customers the opportunity, by measuring their response, offering preferences, and using their own data to filter and target, to tell you what they want and when.  Instead of pushing coupons at them, survey them to gain insight into what they want to buy.  Gauge their interest by what you know about them (hint: use the contact data you have in your database!) and give them options.  Measure the effectiveness every time you repeat an activity.  Leverage scale.  Leverage your data.


Contacts are everything - but if you chase each one individually you will need a very large staff.  If you use E-marketing, you put customers in charge of telling you what they want.  And that's a very powerful position to be in these days (because customers like that!).


Please join us for a webinar on E-marketing on February 3rd.   Click here for more information.  And as always, I welcome your feedback on this post, especially stories about E-marketing that you'd like to share.




Paul Buckley

ACT! E-marketing Product Manager

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