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End of Year Review - Hear from Your Customers - Guest Blog by Dan Ogdon

by ‎12-23-2009 12:48 PM - edited ‎03-18-2010 11:28 AM (1,543 Views)

Today Dan Ogdon from Swiftpage joins us with some insights how to start the New Year right.


End of Year Review - Hear from Your Customers

By Dan Ogdon, Swiftpage


While your intuition may say it is too late to distribute any further marketing messages as everyone is gearing up for the Holidays, this quieter time is one of the best times to ask your customers a few questions.  The urgency of needing to pick up the phone for prospecting purposes, quickly pen a quote, or attempt to answer all unopened emails wanes as the year comes to a close.  Allowing your customers to participate in your reflections on the year will give beneficial insight into areas that need improvement and confirmation of new development.

Below are a few goals you may be trying to achieve and what type of survey is the most appropriate obtain responses that will aid in making more informed decisions going forward.

Monitor Progress
Ask a series of questions that solicit a numerical response to give a baseline in order to improve upon.  Example:  How would you rate the level of service you receive from our Customer Service Agents?
AEM Question Name - Rating 1-5

Improve Go-To-Market Messaging
Ask succinct questions that garner short answers to use in your core messaging.
Example:  In 5 words or less how would you describe the design of our Eco Bottle?
AEM Question Name - Short fill in the blank

Product Improvement
Give recipients that ability to expand upon their desires for future improvement that meets their needs and keep note of repeated feature requests.
Example: What are you looking for in the next Planet Sports bottle.
AEM Question Name - Fill in the blank

Customer Preference
Ask customers what they would prefer from a defined list of questions.
Example: We are looking to sponsor a race and distribute our Eco Bottles in 2010, which cause is most important to you?  List causes in checkbox.
AEM Question Name - All that apply

Remember letting a survey recipient know how many questions are in the survey and roughly how long it will take to fill out is the first step in achieving a high response.  If the survey data is crucial to future developments or a must have for an important report, you’ll garner high responses by tying submissions to an incentive – even a $5 gift card can make the difference between a 10% response rate and a 60% response rate.

Last, don’t forget with ACT! E-marketing, you can map survey responses to fields in your ACT! Database.  Upon submission of a survey, those fields can be automatically populated to tie your survey data directly to a contact in the environment where they are managed.  Start the New Year right – Informed.

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