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Email Marketing Made Social - Guest Blog by Annie Cooley

by ‎02-01-2010 09:19 AM - edited ‎03-18-2010 11:05 AM (3,604 Views)

Happy Monday Everyone!  Today Annie Cooley is here to share some tips on integrating social media into your email marketing efforts - thanks Annie!



Email Marketing Made Social

By Annie Cooley, Swiftpage

So, we have covered the basics of how Twitter and Facebook work from a small business marketing standpoint. Now here are 10 ways to integrate social media into your email marketing efforts.


1.    Link it up – Link your social media pages on all your outgoing emails. Make sure that they are positioned and sized in a tasteful manner. In other words, whether you use icons or just text they should be positioned in a place that your eyes will naturally move to but will not detract from the overall message or original call to action.

2.    Increasing Readership – When you send out your monthly newsletter or email promotions you can utilize your social media outlets to increase how many people see your emails. Swiftpage email campaigns have a view as web page option at the bottom of every email sent out. By clicking on that you can copy the link into your outgoing messages through Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc…


3.    Another place for an email opt-in – Facebook allows you to add a section on your fan page that provides fans with the option of opting into your email list. You can tweet a simple message asking people to join you email list. Through Linkedin you can post a news update encouraging people to join as well.


4.    More survey participants – When you send a survey out via email you can also post the survey link to your various social media outlets. This way you increase your survey participants and reach a much more diverse audience to gain better results.


5.    Building more and more trust – You social media outlets allow you to interact with people though a conversational style. You engage people through their dialogue and provide education about your industry and products. By doing this in a way that meets people where they are at you are able to build trust that will follow into successful business relationships. Another important aspect to building trust is transparency. When you make a mistake or have an angry comment directed your way it is important to always be professionally open and honest with them. As other people see this, your trust is verified.  


6.    The door is open to avenues of communication – Since most of social media conversations are shared in the public space, especially through Twitter, you are able to listen in on several conversation concerning your industry and services. Your customers can respond to you with their appreciation and their dislikes of your company. Through social media and your email campaigns you now have the upper hand in reacting to people’s comments and concerns and can voice those on a personal basis through social media conversation or an overall message through your email campaigns.


7.    Ability to be diverse with content – With more avenues for communication you now have the ability to be diverse with the content you share with your following. What is important to remember is to not be repetitive in your messaging. What you share with people through your social media outlets should go in line with what you share through your email campaigns but they should not mirror one another. People don’t want to hear the same information over and over. They want a continual flow of information educating and interesting them to stay tuned. With the combination of social media and email marketing you can do just that.


8.    Increase your page rank – If you create and share compelling content, people will be more willing to link back to it. This is why the idea of social media as a conversation and not a sales pitch is so crucial. People will naturally gravitate to your information if you are providing education and discussions for people to interact with.


9.    Expand the depth of your Brand Identity – As you expand into the world of social media, your brand identity that has been shaped through your email campaigns will continue to grow and transform to a larger audience. With many forms of communication you have the opportunity to give your brand a real personality.


10.    Increases traffic back and forth – When you link to your social media outlets in your email campaigns and link your emails in your social media efforts successfully you will increase the traffic from one to the next. More people will want to be on your email list and more people will want to see what you are all about through your social media outlets.


We want to hear from you. How have you integrated email marketing and social media?

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