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Email Marketing: Design with Brand in Mind - Guest Blog by Audrey Howes #Swiftpage

by on ‎09-18-2012 10:05 AM (3,717 Views)

by Audrey Howes, Swiftpage

As small businesses, we must remain true to our brand in all of our communication. A customer once told me, “I don’t want it to look like my brand because I don’t like our branding.” Whether you like your company’s branding or not, your recipients look for a connection to your company when they open your email communications. Therefore, we must design our emails with our brand identity in mind.


Here are some ways to make sure you are staying true to your brand:


  • Find a 'starting place' for your brand in the Template Gallery.
  • Company logo is included on the template. Logos are often included on the top left of the email as this is the first spot a recipient sees.
  • Colors are similar to the company colors and website
  • Fonts are the same or similar to what is used in other company communications.
  • Look and feel is in line with company branding. For example, if you are a traditional law firm, don’t send a youthful looking template.
  • Design makes sense even when images are not seen.

Brand consistency is crucial for small businesses to be recognized amongst all of the marketing noise. Taking time to design templates that make sense for your brand will do leaps and bounds for your email marketing success. [Side note: hate your branding? Maybe it’s time to change it.]


How do you make sure your email marketing matches your branding? Share your ideas!