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Dynamic Groups and eMarketing – They’re Made for Each Other

by on ‎03-04-2010 09:27 AM (3,449 Views)

One of the new and in my opinion, greatest features of ACT! 2010 is that it now includes eMarketing powered by Swiftpage. For some, the concept of eMarketing is new but for many businesses the thought of living without is unimaginable. If you’re not using eMarketing today you really should. But its not as simple as signing up, designing some templates and blasting your entire database of contacts. In fact, that’s exactly what you want to avoid doing. We’ve all received those generic marketing messages that we know in an instant were sent to thousands, if not millions of other recipients and what’s the first thing we do? “Unsubscribe” or “Mark as Spam”. But have you ever received an email from a company that highlights something personal about your relationship with that business? It may include a reference to your most recent purchase or your pattern of purchases and include a discount specifically designed for you. These are keepers and I, as well as most customers, respond very well to marketing communications like this. This is what you, as a business should be trying to achieve since your customers are more likely to continue doing business with you if they feel you understand their specific needs. And its all possible in ACT! 2010 using dynamic groups and eMarketing together.

First, you’ll need to analyze what type of data you’re tracking about your contacts and the relationships you have with them. What products do they purchase from you? What industry are they in? What’s their role in their company and what type of contact are they? Prospect, Decision Maker or maybe Influencer? Then use these fields to build your dynamic groups. The more narrow the criteria the better. What Prospects have you not had communication within the last 90 days? Who are the Key Decision makers in your database? What customers buy regularly and what products do they buy? Now that you have these segmentations in your database, design unique marketing messages and templates specifically targeted to them. Sure its more work up front but its worth it in the end and your Call Lists will reflect this by traction you’ll gain. You should also see your sales pipeline increase as a result of these efforts as well.