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Driving new business opportunities with Sage Business Info Services for ACT!

by ‎08-23-2010 11:03 AM - edited ‎08-23-2010 03:13 PM (2,202 Views)

When thinking about whether Sage Business Info Services for ACT!, powered by Hoover's (SBISA), makes sense for you, it's important to ask yourself these three questions.


  1. How much time do I spend finding new leads currently?  - When speaking to current ACT! customers we found that some users spent from 8 to 24 hours a week finding new leads through various methods, including searching the Internet or calling through business directories. One customer, an administrator assistant,  reported that she spent 8 hours a month, using search engines to identify and find approximately 150 new leads per month. To calculate the total cost of this effort we can take her hourly wage, $20/hr x 8 hours = $160 a month or $1920 a year. Using SBISA she was able to cut this time down to 15 minutes a month, and ended up with more highly targeted leads than she was able to cull from the internet. Also, she was able to indentify the specific name of the contact who she needed to speak with, further cutting down the time it took to get a hold of the prospect. Overall using SBISA, this company will be able to save $1200 a year plus the found time this administrative assistant will have to focus on other tasks.
  2. How do I identify my target market?  - Ever hear the saying "you don't know what you don't know?" Well, when speaking to beta users using SBISA, we often heard that users where able to identify new opportunities that they didn't know existed using SBISA's Build a List feature. Build a List lets you enter demographic criteria, like region, industry, size of company, keyword etc., and returns a list of matching companies. This particular beta tester sold specialty roofing materials to manufacturers and was able to identify an entire new market of similar companies to the ones that they sold to in the past, but were not currently pursuing. At an average deal size of $100k + this new market could be very lucrative to this specialty roofing company.
  3. What is the value of a new customer sale?  - Using SBISA is a great way to identify new opportunities and then gain insight through the in-product views powered  by Hoover's business data. By using SBISA you can create new opportunities and close business faster resulting in higher revenues. When thinking about the ROI (Return on Investment) with SBISA, you'll want to consider what the value of a new customer sale means to you.