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Defining Group/Company Membership With a Saved Query #SageACT

by on ‎11-12-2010 09:19 AM (4,843 Views)

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Last week, you learned how to build a custom query (or lookup) and save it. Saving custom queries is a really powerful feature because you can re-use them in so many ways. This week we’ll look at one particularly useful reason to save queries: defining group or company membership!


Groups are often used to efficiently manage multiple contacts that share common characteristics such as all opting-in to your e-mail newsletter or all being referred to you by a trade show. Companies are often used to group contacts that work for, or even with a given Company or account. Both Companies and Groups enable you to efficiently work with multiple contacts as you create e-marketing campaigns, reports or lookups.


Contacts may be added to Groups and Companies manually or dynamically. You can dynamically add members by defining or loading a saved query. Contacts you add as members using query criteria are referred to as dynamic members. Dynamic members of the group or company remain in the Group or Company as long as they meet the criteria. For example, imagine you create a group of your customers that has opted-in to your e-marketing newsletter. If a customer’s opt-in preference changes in the future, that customer is automatically removed from the group, ensuring you do not accidentally send them unsolicited e-mail.


To Define Group/Company Membership Using a Saved Query:


1.  From the Company or Groups view, select a group, subgroup, company, or division record.


2.  Click the Contacts tab.



3.  Click Add/Remove Contacts...



4.  In the Add/Remove Contacts dialog box, under Dynamic members, click the Edit Criteria… button.



1.  In the Type box, select the query's record type (Contact or Opportunity).


2.  Click File, Open.
Click the Open tool (folder icon on the toolbar).


3.  In the dialog box that appears, select the query. Click the Open button.


4.  Do one of the following:


  • Click Preview to see the list of records that meet the criteria.
  • Save the query with a different name.
  • Edit the criteria.
  • Remove criteria.
  • Click OK to save the query as your Group/Company membership definition

5.  Click OK to close the “Add/Remove Contacts” dialog box and dynamically add members to your Group or Company based on the query criteria.