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Crossing the Prospect Digital Divide with ACT! Mobile Live

by on ‎12-16-2010 08:13 PM (2,484 Views)

Crossing the Prospect Digital Divide


Even with all of the technology available to the small business person today many small enterprises still have troubles connecting customer touch points with actual recording of the data to ensure valuable leads don’t slip through the crack. This type of leakage can eat into valuable profits and lead to expensive inefficiencies.  The good news is for the most part can be easily slipped into a business professional’s daily workflow to increase productivity and better serve customers.


The Mobile Call


Mobile technology is a great way to capture incoming and outgoing customer interaction so that important notes and follow up are easily captured and automated. Consider the following scenario:


Small Business Owner receives an incoming mobile call from a potential customer. After a brief conversation she hangs up the phone and selects save to record, enters the contact information, a note, and sets the Category to ‘Prospect.’ The small business owner marks the Category because she knows that doing so will put her prospect on the fast track and automate follow-up contact to keep those leads fresh.   


Next , ACT! Mobile Live takes over and wirelessly sync’s the new contact and note with Sage ACT!. Since, she marked the Category on her device to ‘Prospect’, natively mapped to the Id/Status field in Sage ACT!, the new contact is automatically picked up by pre-configured Smart Tasks which sends follow-up email automatically, and schedules a reminder for follow-up call on her calendar.


In this manner a small change to the small business owner or sales person’s daily routine  can help capture important contact details and automate follow-up actions, maximizing productivity and bottom line profits.