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Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience

by Administrator on ‎10-16-2013 09:41 AM (2,404 Views)

Recently, I experienced very poor customer service at a tanning salon, where I had been loyally going for years. The service was so bad, that I decided to terminate my membership and immediately start shopping for a new salon.


After visiting a few, I ended up joining the most expensive salon (go figure!). But I had no qualms about the high price tag - this salon was offering me more than just a place to get my tan on – it was providing the ultimate tanning experience for this avid indoor-tanner! Upon entering, I was met with soothing oceans sounds accompanied by soft, relaxing music. The walls were adorned with screens playing videos of crystal clear, blue waves crashing on white sandy beaches; the entire salon was decorated like a high-end resort, complete with indoor waterfalls. Not to be outdone by the décor was the additional amenities – cotton robes and freshening up items in every room. And to top it all off, the salon provides exceptional customer service.


I feel like I’ve just arrived at a five-star resort, on a secluded island, every time I walk through the door – I definitely get what I pay for. This particular salon won my business by offering the ultimate customer experience, going above and beyond in all aspects of their services to justify the high price tag.


How can you ensure the “ultimate experience” within your small business or workplace? How can you set yourself apart from your competitors?