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Content is King

by on ‎07-01-2010 07:29 AM (1,541 Views)

There is a lot of buzz in articles and blogs about content -- assets for your product or service including brochures, white papers, webcasts, videos, case studies and more. We all seem to be in the same problem, not enough content and not enough money to have it created externally or resources to create it internally.     

So what are you to do? I like to think of it as going green when it comes to content: Re-purpose, re-use, and revamp. Approaches we're taking include taking white papers and boiling down to a 1 page executive summary, pulling quotes from press releases and case studies, using webcast slides as an asset and more. Below are a couple articles that give you even more ideas on how to create new and relevant content from existing assetsand with little effort.