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Connect Sage ACT! 2012 with Sage E-marketing for ACT! for Targeted Email Marketing #SageACT

by Employee on ‎09-07-2011 08:31 AM (4,478 Views)

An important enhancement in Sage ACT! 2012 is the convenient Connections View, which makes it easy for you to connect to optional services that help you build your business. Use Sage E-marketing for ACT!, a subscription-based email marketing service, to rev up your email marketing efforts and take advantage of this targeted, cost-effective marketing tactic. Sage E-marketing for ACT! helps you capture leads with web forms on your website, nurture those prospects automatically with Drip Marketing plans[1], and quickly identify your hottest leads using a ranked call list that tells you which prospects are most ready to buy.


  • Put email to work for you when you can easily design branded messages from scratch, or import and edit existing templates and develop custom landing pages for easy execution of cohesive, integrated marketing campaigns.


  • Create multi-step nurture or Drip Marketing plans[2], then drop contacts into a campaign designed just for them that sends out a series of emails automatically, over time, to warm up prospective leads


  • Qualify your sales leads and help sales focus on the hottest leads first  by automatically tracking when contacts open and click on your emails campaigns. Sage E-marketing for ACT! assigns a score to each contact based and provides a ranked, qualified call list—viewable from the contact record in Sage ACT!.


  • Use surveys to better understand your customers by collecting info like contact interests, customer satisfaction, phone numbers, email addresses, and event registrations. Then, use it to create campaigns that are most relevant to them.


  • Grow your prospect database by collecting contacts in Sage ACT! when interested prospects fill out forms on your website.


With Sage ACT! 2012, email and web marketing is easier than ever! To set up Sage E-marketing for ACT!, simply visit the Connections View in Sage ACT! 2012. You’ll find easy instructions to help you activate the service and get started quickly. After you configure the service to the needs of your business, you can access it at anytime from the Connections View.


To learn more about Sage E-marketing for ACT!, read this guide to email marketing.

[1] Drip Marketing is purchased in addition to the Email Marketing service level. Each additional user is an additional cost.

[2] Drip Marketing is purchased in addition to the Email Marketing service level. Each additional user is an additional cost.

on ‎11-02-2011 04:30 PM

I would suggest a friendly warning to ACT users before they update to 2012.  I love the SmartTask feature and use it all the time with our subscribers.  One of our sequences has 15 different steps so it is quite helpful.  BUT, when I updated my system to 2012, every one of my SmartTasks got disrrupted and stopped, causing me to have to rebuild all my SmartTasks sequences.  This also caused me to have to go into each of the contacts that were SmartTask'd and start them up at the step they left off. 


Unfortunately, Tech support was completely clueless on how to fix the problem and basically had the attitude, "Too bad, so sad."  Thankfully I had no more than 40 contacts in SmartTask steps, otherwise I would have be livid.


If you are using Smartask and haven't updated to 2012...think twice before doing so.