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Build Your Business with Proven Email Marketing Techniques

by ‎03-29-2010 10:16 AM - edited ‎03-31-2010 12:51 PM (2,422 Views)

Email marketing has become a major marketing channel in recent years.  The volume of email being sent to consumers and businesses is massive; all designed to create brand awareness, provide product information, and drive traffic to websites and other portals.


So, with a small to medium-sized business like yours, how are you using email marketing to your advantage? I imagine you communicate to your customers and prospects with information about your products, as well as pricing or other purchase information. You probably have a newsletter or other regular communication to tell people about events, company information, or educate them about regulations in your industry for example. And you’re probably trying to drive traffic to your website, or maybe your Facebook page or a LinkedIn group or something similar.


While you might have a database with hundreds or thousands of contacts, you’re competing for face-time with large companies that are sending to lists of millions. So what does that mean for you?


It means this: it’s critical to send out targeted, relevant messages. To do that, you need to develop personal relationships with your contacts, even prospects that you’ve just added to your database.  In short, it means you have to make every relationship count. And to do that effectively, you’ll want to utilize e-marketing.


So what do we mean by e-marketing? Well, by definition, the “e” in e-marketing, like e-commerce, refers to the fact that e-marketing is done electronically over the Internet.  So certainly email, the Internet, and Internet-based social media are going to play a central role. 


But e-marketing is also about all the other touchpoints used to communicate with your customers, whether its print media or other direct channels. You need to design your campaigns to meet specific objectives for your business, and all your customer touchpoints play a role in this.


Another way to think about e-marketing is to consider that, while traditional email marketing places an emphasis on analytics; small business e-marketing is about achieving specific customer objectives, or actionable results. 


To execute e-marketing right in a small business context, you’ll want to leverage the information in your database to develop targeted, relevant campaigns. In turn, your e-marketing activities provide you with new data that goes back into your database.  Each marketing activity becomes part of the interaction between you and your customer, developing powerful relationships with your customers, and achieving the results you need to drive your business.


If you’re interested to learn more about e-marketing and how you can easily implement this strategy as part of your business, click here to download the ACT! E-marketing Customer Webcast: Build Your Business with Proven Email Marketing Techniques.


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