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Beginning of a new (fiscal) year!

by on ‎10-04-2010 08:46 AM (2,242 Views)

We all need reminders some time to stop and take stock of what we've accomplished and how far we've come.  Whether it's a new fiscal year or just returning from vacation, taking time to look at how you work often leads to a realization of how you can improve production.  


For me this is the time of the year I sit down and make a list of improvements to the Sage ACT! database we use here in the Product Management team to increase team communications and delivery.  This year we'll be adding fields to link user records in Sage ACT! to our online objective management system to help team members see their activities and histories and quickly reference objectives.  


We'll also be looking to integrate more online collaboration tools with our Sage ACT! database as one of our PM team members is now a remote employee.   I'd like to link both our teleconferencing tools and web meeting tools somehow into our Sage ACT! database.  Perhaps we'll find time to add a few more smart tasks to our system - anyone on our team who has a birthday coming up has a designated co-worker who is responsible for bringing a cake and throwing a get together (usually whoever last had a birthday) I think we'll add a smart task to remind the part organizer of the upcoming birthday.


This year I find myself making little additions to our Sage ACT! installation to help fine tune the productivity of the team; The upgrade to Sage ACT! 2011 last month has already made our time management tasks MUCH more productive by synchronizing with our Outlook/Exchange system.    


Whether you use Sage ACT! or you're just looking - remember to take some time to reflect and improve the processes and tools you have.  A little maintenance every now and then can keep you running at full speed.