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Backup Your #SageACT

by Employee on ‎05-31-2011 10:30 AM (1,692 Views)

Last week, I had the displeasure of dealing with a crashed hard drive.  If you've ever encountered this, you know how disruptive and alarming it can be.  You start to mentally review all the important information that is lost, and how much we're digitally connected in our daily tasks.  Thankfully, I've been doing frequent backups:  what a relief. 


You can easily back up your data from Sage ACT!.  Simply go to File -> Backup ->  Database…  Whether you backup to an alternative drive, or to the cloud, make sure you include the Sage ACT! backup files as part of your backup plan.  Hard drive failure rates generally increase the longer you use a drive.  Don't be a victim to lost data, back up.


on ‎05-31-2011 10:39 PM


As you know, ACT! provides a scheduler service  to allow for regular automated backups. However there is no facility to send an email to an administrator that the backup was completed or conversely an exception alert if backup was not completed. For years and years I have been requesting this to be included in ACT!...Falls on deaf ears... the rest is history.       

on ‎06-01-2011 02:36 AM

To right Graeme... could even add an activity to ACT! for an Admin (if no email support on the server)


BTW: Xavier, users should also backup the email database if using ACT!'s Internet Mail:


Mike Lazarus
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on ‎06-25-2011 11:23 PM

Question: when I back up the database, does that back up the template we have created?

on ‎06-27-2011 07:08 AM


The ACT! backup will include your database data along with the custom templates, reports, attachments, and layouts.  When restored, a backup will be a fully functioning copy of the original database.