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Automating Your Next Event Invites - Guest Blog by Annie Cooley

by on ‎04-27-2010 10:25 AM (1,587 Views)

Automating Your Next Event Invites

by Annie Cooley


I found an old article on our site the other day. It discussed a practical scenario for using Drip Marketing when Drip Marketing was still new. Maybe you have had success with the situation it describes.  Let’s see.

You are hosting an event in 30 days. You've targeted who you would like to attend and have made all of the necessary administrative arrangements - schedule, venue, food, beverages, etc.  Seems simple - let them know you are having an event and they'll show up.  However, events are complicated and have a lot of moving pieces, so to speak, so anything that can streamline the process would be good. 


Here is how Drip Marketing can help.


Step 1 - Target    
Who is your target audience? Is this event specific to one group or is an all inclusive occasion? If it is specific look into your database and choose the right audience. If it is all inclusive, start thinking about the proper messaging that will reach a broad audience.


Step 2 - Plan
You have 30 days until your event - how frequently and through what mediums (Email, voice, print, fax.) will you invite your target list? Once they sign up, what kind of follow up do you want to send them?


Ask yourself, what is the messages certain groups need to receive? Let’s say there are two groups, the regular attendees and the VIPs. The campaigns and confirmations should be catered to each group.  Also, as your contacts status changes (Unregistered, to registered, to unattended, to attended) the message should change. Don't cut corners and send the same message to everyone. It is not worth losing a valuable lead because of a generic message.


Step 3 - Build
Create the content that you will use in your campaign. This includes email templates, postcards, call scripts and post-show surveys.  Build compelling content that your target cannot refuse.


Have you recorded the trends of your email recipients in the past? If you already know that email recipient X,Y and Z never open your emails, send them a direct mail invitation. Use more than just email if it leads to better results. 


Once you have your audience determined, your messages configured and your step by step process planned out you are ready to execute.  The Drip Marketing tool is ready to seamlessly and automatically send your messages.


Has this process worked for you?  Let us know about your success with Swiftpage Drip Marketing campaigns.