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Automating Your Marketing the Smart Way - Guest Blog by Lindsey Bakel

by ‎01-21-2010 01:18 PM - edited ‎03-18-2010 11:08 AM (2,660 Views)

I'd like to welcome Lindsey Bakel to our ever-growing guest blogger family.  Lindsey is the Marketing Manager at Swiftpage and is here today to talk about automating marketing the smart way.


Automating Your Marketing the Smart Way

By Lindsey Bakel, Swiftpage


This year is going to be the year for “smart marketers”, according to Ed Henrich of ClickZ. Segmentation and targeting of email recipients has created buzz in the past, but 2010 will prove a year for action instead of just talk.

Think about your expectations when it comes to the direct marketing you receive. Companies gather a lot of data about you and your preferences so the communications you receive reflect that. The same should go for the communications you send out. Here are three practical scenarios using ACT! E-marketing to get you started on your way to becoming a “smart marketer” by gathering more information and targeting your clients.

1.    You are looking for new leads through your social media efforts. Offer your followers a valuable white paper, but before you give away the white paper require people to enter their contact information into a Swiftpage survey. Request their name, email, phone number and whether or not they are previous customers. Create your survey with a Drip Marketing Autoloader to drop submitted survey leads into a 2-3 email Drip Marketing campaign further developing and engaging the lead. Then have Swiftpage create ranked call lists based off of your email results. Then your sales team can follow up on these qualified leads.

2.    You have an event in 30 days and want to boost attendance. Send an email 25 days out with event details along with an early bird registration discount to motivate your contacts to register right away. 1 day before the early bird special expires send out a reminder email. Then follow up a series of 2 emails with standard registration and event details 15 days out and 1 day before the event. By using Drip Marketing filtering features you can be sure not to send redundant emails to your contacts after they register. With this campaign you’re sure to boost attendance and have a successful event. To make it even more successful, follow up with your attendees and put together a survey linked from an email expressing how valuable their input is.  Use this opportunity to learn more about your contacts, their preferences, and how you can reach them effectively.

3.    You will be ready to launch a new product in 20 days. Create anticipation around its arrival by sending out a teaser email campaign including an exclusive offer. For those who don’t open the email, drop them into a direct mail campaign. One day before the product launch, send an email about the product’s benefits and again about your exclusive offer. On the launch date, announce the product fully through another email. For those who did not open the email, create another direct mail campaign. Follow up with those who interacted with you email but did not purchase with a phone call to push the sale. Want their feedback on the product? 10 days after the product is launched put together a survey and send it to those who purchased.


These are just a few of many ways you can use Swiftpage to target your email recipients more effectively. ACT! E-marketing’s Drip Marketing completely automates this process depending on the conditional actions you set and each email recipients’ interaction with your communications.

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A successful sale always starts with the transfer of enthusiasm. Direct mail is also helpful in increase sales. Direct mail  are able to gather a elevated number of leads, compared to other marketing techniques. They add a personal touch to your marketing campaign.