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Are you using the Email Subscription Option?

by on ‎05-12-2010 11:06 AM (1,425 Views)

A member of the community recently inquired about how they could be automatically notified of new information that is posted in the community.  We created an instructional video on this subject some time ago which lives in our Learning Lounge.  However, many of our newer members may not have seen this video, or be aware that you can indeed automate your notifications via subscriptions in the community. I thought I'd share again for those who can benefit.


You can set up a subscription for automatic email notification, for each board/forum or blog that you're interested in receiving notification.


To subscribe, locate the board/blog you're interested in being notified on.  For instance, if you'd like to subscribe to our main ACT! product forum, you'd go here.  Under "Board Options" (located in the gray bar near the top of the screen), choose "subscribe to this blog".  Likewise, you can unsubscribe using the same steps -- it acts like a toggle.  Do this for every board or blog you are interested in receiving email notification on.

Once you've subscribed, you can then control the way your subscriptions are relayed to you under the "My Profile" link located in the green bar which runs near the top of the community.  Click on the "Subscriptions & Bookmarks" tab and there you will see a variety of different options.  You can choose your preferences for notification; you can receive immedately, or in a weekly or daily digest.  You can also have the subject only delivered, or the entire body of the post.


I hope this post was useful in helping you stay more connected to the ACT! Community.